Jersey and Sports Memorabilia

The framing of sports jerseys is a very labor-intensive process that requires very skillful and precise placement, pinning and couch mounting of the jersey for the framing to stand the test of time. In particular, we very carefully secure the jersey to the backing using needle and thread while being careful not to damage the jersey in any way. The jersey can also be un-mounted for ease of cleaning or for future sale by simply clipping the threads. We have framed football, hockey and baseball jerseys, military and police uniforms.

Both sides of shirt displayed using glass on both sides of framing material with a custom made shirt stretcher frame on a hanger.


Double-sided frames are unique in presenting your art or collectible in a frame that allows it to be visible from both sides. We have developed techniques and moldings to make that possible and attractive. Though the majority of framing projects are simple—for instance, an image with a mat to enhance the work and a complimentary frame. But at The Framing Gallery we offer much more. Shadowboxes showcasing military awards, collectible records, jewelry, dresses and sports jerseys. (Even some of these can be framed double sided so that both sides can be seen).

Karen Van Camp

The Framing Gallery
614 Green St.
Parkersburg, WV

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