Family Memories

The old family home with all the years of memories has been sold; your parents are gone or are being cared for in a nursing facility. And it is up to you to save or dispose of the collection of memorabilia that your family accumulated through the years. Sometimes there is so much raw emotion, you make quick decisions and destroy things that you later regret.
We encourage you to take time to sort through and preserve that history. These memories helped shape you and your siblings to who you are today.
Maybe your father’s military uniform and medals would make a wonderful shadowbox for a brother in the military. Would your mother’s collection of recipes and kitchen tools please your sister who loves to bake? Is there a family Bible or a genealogy that might encourage a grandchild to investigate the family history?

Collecting and preserving pieces of the past will help you and your family focus on today while remembering the joys and sometimes the pain of the past.

Bring those treasured pieces to us and let us help you design a framed Family Memory that will bring joy for generations to come. 

Childhood memories can make your home feel like a slice of heaven with memories for you and for those that never had the opportunity to know them.