After framing thousands of items and works of art, we have perfected the art. And we maintain state-of-the-art knowledge of the newest and best methods of framing. Each item receives the personal attention of our certified framers. We understand  the value each piece holds for its owner, whether it be monetary or sentimental, and treat each item with the utmost respect.

Conservation Framing

We use the highest quality matboards and mounting materials in addition to offering the best glass and acrylic to protect each work from fading. We strive to assure that the process of framing is reversible without causing damage to the artwork. Conservation framing is recommended for paper art, irreplaceable photos and historic item,s as well as documents of high monetary value. Artwork is spaced from the glazing materials by either matting material or spacers to provide an air space to prevent condensation that may result from changes in temperature and humidity.

Special Framing

Framing needleart requires special handling. It is never glued but is carefully pinned to acid-free mounting boards before being framed. We specialize in framing collectibles, such as military awards and sports jerseys, in shadowbox frames. We help each customer design the boxes to present the most attractive display of their collectibles.



The effect of light on art is not readily apparent. Ultraviolet rays damage artwork, and may result from being placed under strong fluorescent lighting or sunlight. The effect from these sources of light can be reduced greatly by the use of conservation or museum glass.


The primary purpose of matting is to separate the artwork from the glass. Mats should also enhance the beauty of the artwork and draw your eye to the image.

Hanging Artwork

Framed artwork is usually displayed at eye level, but consideration must be given to individual needs. Paperborne art is not recommended to be hung in high-humidity areas such as bathrooms. Direct sunlight is also to be avoided due to heat and ultraviolet light exposure. Hanging over a fireplace is a popular place, but consideration should be given to the factors of heat and soot contaminating or damaging the art.

We can the even ship to you


We ship gallery-wrapped canvas prints, plus custom framed prints, along with all other gifts anywhere in the United States.