Everything you need to know about hanging art in your home

A home is a place that should comfort you, filled with precious things you’ve collected and memories you’ve made with people you love. That’s why artwork is such an important part of what makes a house into a home. When you’re displaying art in your home make sure you keep these tips in mind to keep your home picture perfect.

Keep it Together | It’s important to display collections together for maximum impact. Etchings, photographs, maps and the like are perfect arranged together. Group similar items by theme or pattern to create a dramatic focal point like a polished pro. Different sized and odd number items can have similar frames for an informal arrangement but same sized pictures in the same collection should have identical frames for a more structured, modern look.

Nail Know How | When hanging pictures, consider that the hook should be able to hold four times the weight of the frame. This will ensure that will be secure and will hold up over time and prevent accidental breakage. Be sure your hooks are made of steel and are the appropriate size. Anchor bolts, cleat hangars work well for heavy mirrors. Specially designed security locks available at Finer Frames are also available for extra safety and security. Our team is always available for advice for hanging any artwork.

Hang Ups | There are rules professional decorates following for showing artwork to its best advantage. Artwork looks its best hung 60” – 62” from the floor to the center of the picture. In rooms where the art is viewed sitting down, like the dining room, I install closer to the 60” to center mark. In hallways for example, a higher 62” is closer to eye-level. And for over a mantle, 7” is the perfect height. This rule applies to over the sofa as well.

Get Creative | If original art isn’t in your budget, consider framing a cut piece of beautiful fabric or wall covering. There are many interesting alternatives to traditional wall decoration. But I would caution you to avoid the temptation to hang photos on clothes pins, as is popular on sites like Pinterest. That can cause damage to the picture and there’s no glass protecting it from sunlight or other environmental hazards. The web is filled with creative ideas. Just remember to use caution with any original photographs.

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